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West Boynton Beach Library

August 1, 2023

Call to Order 10:28AM – all present except Lance W (away)

Minutes of April 9, May 8, and June 12 were all approved.

President report – Rosh Hashanah (9/16) and Yom Kippur (9/25) flyers and registration forms are ready to go however needs help from a neighbor who is an IT professional to send them out. Wild Apricot ends in November and we need to find replacement programs for emails, online registrations, and archives.

High Holy Days deadline is September 3. Glenna will contact lay readers to participate again.

TSS raised their fees to $350 from $325, since we no longer will order coffee from them it comes out about the same.  Glenna will research on a white screen. TSS will be used for November 12 general meeting and elections. Need to set up a nominating committee. Nomination forms to be sent out by August 12, with return deadline of September 12 according to bylaws. Nominations can still be taken from the floor too. Glenna will ask certain people if they are willing to chair the committee. There will be a RSVP form for lox and bagel for $10.00 and hopefully someone will help organize it.

Joy will make a vlog soon about the nominations, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Yizkor, and general meeting to post on web site and email.

JDC – we will participate in a “Hanukah watch party” with JDC December 9th, 6 – 9 PM  - it will be potluck so need a person to organize it. Donation to JDC to be determined later.

Dec 10 Holiday Luncheon – the Presidents’ meeting has been postponed, hope it will be soon.

Vice President report – membership remained steady at 108. 

Secretary report – caught up on minutes, will post on web site soon.

Treasurer report – Starting Balance June 1 - $36,644.01, Income $50.00, Expenses $271.48, Ending Balance June 30 $36,422.53. Levine Foundation about $4,000. remains.

Old Business – Caring Committee – Su Robbins is not available so Michael will take over until the end of the year. Need to develop more specific guidelines on who to send gifts to – generally restricted to immediate family members (“seven relatives”)

Bylaws - will meet in the fall to determine if there’s any changes to make. Should go through old minutes to help develop policies and procedures.

Will keep WCC for High Holy Days and Passover. Will check out JCC space to use.

New Business - Wendy will call Lee Kramer about the possibility of investing $10,000. Michael will research locations for the 2025 10th anniversary celebration.

Joy will follow up with Fred Korman about the Golda film showing (captioned? Location? Time and maybe dinner discussion?) Joy will find out if the Jewish Film Festival can include a film related to the Deaf community.

Next Board meeting will be October 3rd, 10:30 AM at Joy’s house

Adjourned 1:03 PM

Respectfully submitted by

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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