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Joy Antar’s Residence

June 12, 2023

Call to Order 10: 47 a.m.

Review of April & May 2023 minutes – Have not approved and will put on hold until the next Board meeting

President’s Report

Review of May 7th event (more feedback after the VP meeting on 5/8/23)

  • It was discussed that some of the members were disappointed that the food were served late after the guest speakers’ presentation. The Board agreed that the food should be served earlier in the program and dessert after the event activities. Need to improve on visuals on PowerPoint.

Discussedimplementing a survey for the members to provide feedback on any of the events FSJD held.  The Board suggested to limited the questions on the survey so that the members can respond accordingly.  

The President discussed about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services which will be held at Westchester Country Club on September 16th and 26th respectively. There is no chair has been appointed for both services. It was suggested  to ask FSJD members about volunteering to be the chair of both services.  The President will follow-up on this.

The President informed the Board that no decision has been made where the next November 12, 2023 general meeting will be held.  The President explained that Temple Shaarei Shalom will know available dates after their own Board meeting. In the meantime, Michael Goldberg (Vice President) recommended to have its general meeting at the Delray Beach Library to save the money for the rent.  The Vice President will go to the library to obtain more information for reserving and utilizing the large conference room for the general meeting.

The President stated that she, Glenna Ashton and Susan Robbins attended Jewish Federation Annual meeting on May 11, 2023. An interpreter was provided. Good exposure for FSJD.

The President participated on the panel for Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe’s Introduction to Judaism class on May  15, 2023. Students learned about FSJD, it’s history and mission. It was another good outreach opportunity for FSJD. 

FSJD Nominations

  • The President stated that we, the Board needs to start the preparation of nomination process and have the description of each FSJD officer’s roles and responsibilities ready for November elections.
  • A discussion took place about the importance of finding a neutral and fair chair for the FSJD nomination committee. Some ideas were discussed. The President will follow-up over the summer.

Day Retreat

  • The President discussed about having a day retreat for the board members.  The President explained that it would be a good opportunity for the board to improve our leadership skills and communication for FSJD. The It was suggested that the month of October 2023 would be a good time for the retreat.  The Board has not made any determination whether we will have the retreat, however, the Board will discuss this later on.

Caring Committee

  • The Vice President shared that Su Robbins, Chair of the Caring committee had given Oh Nuts packages to three members who were either grieving or recovering from illness. Su Robbins, herself has recently been hospitalized. Efforts have been made seeking more members to be on the Caring Committee, but many are not interested. It was strongly recommended that Su Robbins, Michael Goldberg and Mo Aiello have a meeting to discuss plans for the Caring Committee and report back to the FSJD Board.

December Holiday Luncheon

  • The President shared that the 5 Presidents of the Holiday Luncheon planning will meet after the Deaf Senior of America (DSA) Conference. At this time the menu for Sunday, Dec 10th has been worked out and a holiday party fee of $55.00 for members has been decided. More details will come.

 Vice President’s Report

No Report

Secretary’s Report

Due to Glenna’s absence, the Vice President volunteers taking notes for the minute of this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report


Old Business

The President informed the Board that no actions have been taken to review and updated the FSJD’s By-Laws.  Glenna was unavailable due to a family emergency.  The Vice President suggested to hold off until Glenna come back.  

New Business

The Board discussed the donation of $2,363.00 that FSJD received from Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services. DHHS closed and choose FSJD as of of 4 organizations to  receive some of the money that was left. It was suggested to invest in better quality projector and/or laptop. The treasurer suggested using the donation towards upgrading the website and for purchasing any equipment and services needed. Wild Apricot is the current website platform for FSJD. The contract will be ending 11/23. The Board will seek a new platform for FSJD website and a new 

e-blast process that is easier to manage

Meeting Adjourned at 1:27 p.m.

Submitted by Michael Goldberg

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