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Sorenson Conference Call

May 8, 2023

Call to Order 10:00 AM – all present

Review of May 7 event - 75th Israel Anniversary at TSS 2-6 PM chaired by Susan Cohen and Joy

Susan was very organized, had a budget, and communicated well – kudos!

Videos were too long or not interesting enough, future videos should be shorter and made larger – need to set up projector further back

Game prizes – if won by a child, the parent should be the one to claim it, also have no policy on children for admission fees or participation.

Refund policy - need to add line about refund deadline the same as payment deadline – perhaps do it case by case with the President

Coffee was old – was leftover from morning event -perhaps not order it anymore, instead could bring carton from DD

Thanks to Michael Goldberg for the sheet cake, perhaps cupcakes would be better in the future – less messy and less work

Change event schedule order to presentation, food, game, dessert

Wendy will send full report  via email

Income - Members 57, nonmembers 5, donations, raffle = $2007.00

Expenses – TSS rent, tips, screen, Zingo, supplies, Bissili catering = $1731.86

Net profit = $275.14

The rest of 2023 events are at Westchester Country Club

Joy will attend the Holiday Luncheon planning meeting soon.

Adjourned 10:58 AM

Respectfully submitted by

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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