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     Sorenson Conference Call

April 9, 2023

Call to Order 10:33 AM

Review of April 6 Seder event

There have been recent problems with the event set up and eblast on Wild Apricot for May 7 event (now have been resolved post-meeting)

44 people attended and had good feedback. One table in the far left back corner had difficulty seeing the signers. Possible solutions are to move the screen and podium back to the solid corner between windows and outside door, maybe have a spotlight stand, and will double check the set up before the next events in Fall.

Tents with a person’s name and entrée choice cannot be changed so need to double check with certain persons to prevent misunderstandings.

Need to ask if WCC will allow senior citizens to take home leftovers which they normally don’t do.

Need to get more and new readers involved, same thing with volunteers for events.

Treasurer report for April 6 – income $2010. from ticket sales, expenses for WCC meals and waiter tips $2004. with net gain of $6.00. Joy donated the wine bottles.

May 7 Susan Cohen and Joy Antar are cochairs - Lori Dunsmore agreed to do Israel trivia, Susan C has a PowerPoint to use for Israeli Trivia game ,an Israeli restaurant near the temple will be considered for catering. Perhaps add signing the Israel national anthem? Zingo will be run by Lance, David, and Michael, 50/50 raffle will ask Debbie Spindel and Elaine Aiello. Still have plenty of water bottles.

2024 planning – limit to major Jewish holidays and Jewish-related/JCC related interpreted events and tours.

Bylaws committee – Michael, Lance, and Glenna will start the process in August or September of review and recommendations. There was a short discussion of the proper procedures for changes and notices.

May 8 Monday 10:30 AM conference call to review May 7 event.

June 12, 10 M to 2 PM Board meeting at Joy’s house

Adjourned 11:34 AM

Respectfully submitted by

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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