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FSJD Board Meeting Minutes

Lance Weinrib’s house

March 22, 2023

All Board members present 

Call to Order 11:33 AM

All Minutes approved for January to March 2023.

Oath administered for David Tropp as Board Director.

President Report

April 6 Passover Seder – 34 paid and will have more. 10 readers this year instead of 20 last year – many had travel plans. Joy will finalize numbers and costs with WCC on March 31. Iris will bring Seder plates and matzoh covers. Jeff will recommend wines for FSJD to purchase, and each table will have bottles with one person to do the pouring. Will do a vlog as final reminder.

May 7 – 75th Israel Independence Day - It was decided that Hilary’s murder mystery game is not appropriate for this event.  Will try to find storytellers such as Lance Fischer or Joel Silberstein to do a brief history. Will provide Israeli food, sheet cake donated by Michael, have Zingo games, 50/50 raffle, and trivia game. Perhaps ask a few Holocaust survivors’ children to tell stories such as Barry Spindel, Susan Frajman, and Rivka Florsheim via videos. Michael will do a prayer. Will ask Susan Cohen to chair and need to get more volunteers.

Holiday party – The five presidents of PBCAD, BCAD, SFDSC, FTLAD, and FSJD will meet virtually to discuss joining together for one event. We will suggest that they use our already set reservation at WCC for December 10, 2023.

Amazon Smile program was stopped, and the last payment was $8.00.

Sorenson donations are being downsized in frequency, instead prefer to donate to one major event, or help provide interpreters. Deaf organizations are encouraged to do their own fundraising. Ask for a policy statement.

Jewish Federation of North Palm Beach – March 15 - Glenna attended the in-person meeting focused on changing strategies to action for inclusivity, and it was mostly professionals, she was the only actual representative from a “disabled” community. Joy followed up and it was explained that they do have a budget for interpreters only for their own events held in North Palm Beach (PBG, Jupiter, etc.). They collaborate with the JCCs in limited ways, so we must contact each one to get access to events and space. Will need to contact the South Federation, Boynton Beach JCC and Boca Raton JCC.

Wine and Cheese donation from Service Bridges was clarified in that it was a $300.00 donation delayed from December to February. Process needs to be clear in that checks are to be sent directly to the treasurer.

Need to do more informative vlogs, emails, etc. to continue communications with members.

Treasurer Report

Wendy had several sheets of revised and updated budgets for different categories. See attached papers.

Checks and Zelle must have memo to indicate what it is for as in an event, dues, etc. February bank statement balance is $33,000. Paid SunBiz fee $61.25. IRS form 990 completed. WCC deposits total $1000 for 4 events. Temple Shaarei Shalom deposits total $1350 for 5 events. March 5 WCC deposit moved to Dec 10 – need invoice from them to show the change. BHSD donation of $125 need artwork to go with the payment for the page ad. Wendy did Seder table tents by hand and computer methods were suggested to reduce the work.

Vice President Report

Have the membership list from Wendy. Now have 97 members. Will follow up on the unpaid members by sending an email reminder first then call. Dues for 2023 is by March 31. One member asked that members who are 90+ of age to be waived – this can only be done with bylaws change in the membership categories. It was felt that since our dues are so low, it’s not really an issue.

Secretary Report

2022 minutes are all posted on the web site under the “About Us’’ tab. 2023 January to March minutes will be posted soon.

Caring Committee – Su Robbins will send sympathy cards to Steve Powers and Brian Saperstein. She needs to give receipts to get reimbursed for expenses.

Old Business

Anti-Semitism Panel event – discussion postponed to next Board meeting

Review policy about announcements among the Deaf organizations

2024 planning hold until after elections, however January to March events should be done before. Also try to expand to other meeting places such as JCC, libraries, PBCAD, etc.

Wild Apricot renewal is in 2023 so need to decide what to do. Should make more use of to find other programs. The domain name is ours. Some account names still need to be updated. Eric is still on accounts until we are more skilled in the tasks.

New Business

Elections November 12 – Nominations by October 12, in September do announcements and send out nomination form and call for bylaws proposals. Need a committee for elections. Bylaws review will be done by Glenna, Lance, Michael during the summer. 

Next meeting is April 7, 10:30 AM via Sorenson conference call as an event review. The May 7 event review will be May 8, 10:30 also conference call.

Adjourned 4:17 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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