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FSJD Board Meeting Minutes

Sorenson VP Conference Call

March 6, 2023

All Board members present 

Call to Order 11:30 AM

Brooklyn Hebrew Society for the Deaf (BHSD) donation request - 

MOTION: $125.00 be donated for a full-page ad in the BHSD 95th Anniversary program book. (WB/MG) PASSED

April 6 Passover – 17 paid with 2 not yet paid. Reader list will be worked on as there are changes with the volunteers. Joy & Glenna to make vlog soon. Ask permission to post flyer at PBCAD and BCAD.

May 7 – Hilary will do a murder mystery game but need to explain in further details how it will be done. The game committee includes Wendy, Glenna, and Elaine.

It was reported that members asked about the missing Purim event – perhaps do a vlog about limited event calendar and need for volunteers to run the events.

It was suggested we start planning for 2024 events so that there is enough lead time to prepare for each event -at the May 7 event start surveying members and asking for volunteers.

Maureen Whetham asked if FSJD wants to join with other Deaf organizations to co-host the Holiday Luncheon – need to find out more details and if the profits will be donated.

Committee reports should include a realistic budget with pricing checked and communicate more fully with the Board about their plans.

Jason Goldstein of Service Bridges’ donations were explained, and suggestions were made for better processing. Joy can deposit checks herself with digital copies sent to Wendy. Donation letters should include Wendy’s address for direct mailing.

Harriet Loeb sent $18.00 donation in honor of Mo Aiello interpreting for her mother at February 5th event. A thank you letter will be sent by Glenna.

Reminder the next regular Board meeting is March 22 at Wendy’s or Lance’s house.

Adjourned 12:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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