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FSJD Board Meeting Minutes

Sorenson VP Conference Call

January 15, 2023

All Board members present – welcomed David Tropp

Call to Order 11:07 AM

Review of January 13 event – ASL Sabbath hybrid service at Westchester Country Club – first time this format was attempted in conjunction with the monthly ASL Sabbath Zoom, and it went smoothly with on-site and Zoom teamwork. 20 attendees showed up while 6 were not able to come due to medical reasons so WCC made an exception and allowed to-go boxes. Sabbath service will not be done again in 2023. Lori Dunsmore was a good signer and storyteller, and we appreciate her coming from home (Vero Beach?) two hours away.

Wendy emailed revised reports for the December and January events showing a deficit for both. (Included in January 10th minutes)

February 5 - Wine and Cheese event. Jeff will make vlog to be e-blasted by Lance. Will have wineglasses with FSJD logo – 50 were ordered so the first 50 registrants will receive them. 50/50 raffle for $5.00 will be done by Debi Spindel and possibly Sydney Beckman. A few Zingo games will be played for free with prizes. Door prizes will be the Proper Ice cream coupons. 

A letter of acknowledgment will be sent to Jerry Cohen about his concerns and the coin jar will be returned.

Recognition of member Lillian Mittauer’s passing away on January 14th.

Michael discussed the importance of reviewing and following the bylaws.

Next Board meeting will be after the February 5th event via Sorenson VP Conference call.

Adjourned 11:59 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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