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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

General Meeting

Temple Shaarei Shalom, 9085 Hagen Ranch Rd, Boynton Beach, FL

November 13, 2022

Board Members present: Joy Antar - President, Michael Goldberg - Vice-President, Glenna Ashton - Secretary, Wendy Bachman - Treasurer, Lance Weinrib - Director, Judy Gordon - Director

47 members present thus meeting the quorum

Joy Antar called the meeting to order at 2:17 PM

Agenda approved

Minutes – November 14, 2021 minutes were read, corrected, and approved (Lance Fischer, Su Robbins)

Officer Reports

President – 

FSJD has a total of 10 planned events this year, there will be 9 events in 2023 with a longer summer break. FSJD focus will be on Jewish holidays and traditions to comply with its mission statement. Zingo and other fun activities will of course be considered as appointed committees plan each one of the events

We will be doing oaths for both new Board members and for those who changed roles within FSJD. Michael Goldberg: new VP; Glenna Ashton: back to secretary; Judith Gordon: new Board of Director’s position; and David Tropp: new Board of Director’s position. 

Martin Florsheim who was the founder and president of FSJD for 7 years resigned in March 2022. This was a huge transition for the Board. Two more people resigned. Webmaster stepped down November 1, 2022.  The FSJD Board and current President all had to re-learn roles and responsibilities. It takes time naturally. Currently, our team is doing well, and we are going forward. We are striving to keep FSJD strong & stable .

Thank you to Eric Beer for his 2 years’ service to FSJD as webmaster The new webmaster will be Jeffrey Cohen, however certain Board members will also do some tasks on the Wild Apricot web site.

Thank you to Jerry Cohen for helping FSJD to receive Levine Foundation monies and for his contributions to FSJD over the years.

Oath of office was administered to the changed positions of Officers, except for David Tropp

Vice-President- Will assist the President as needed, reviewing the bylaws, currently have 114 members, would like to increase it, membership forms will be going out soon

Secretary- Posted General and Board meeting minutes, learning Wild Apricot tasks from Eric, provided tech support with projector and laptops – hope others can help

Chaired or Co-chaired committees for several events including Feb 6 Zingo/Pizza, March 6 Gala Cruise, April 16 Second night Seder, Sept 26 Rosh Hashanah, and Oct 5 Yom Kippur

Treasurer – reports are sent to Levine Foundation, and future detailed list of donations will be done

                                       ANNUAL REPORT

 JANUARY 1, 2022                                                       $44,637.31


EVENTS                                               $13,311.00

(Zingo, Passover, Independence,

Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, 

Yom Kippur, Learn/Lunch,

General Mtg, Gala/Bus, Hanukkah

MEMBERSHIPS                                       846.00

DONATIONS                                         4,197.74

(Sorenson, N.I.R, H                       ——————                    

Cruise, Kramer, Bridge Service) 

TOTAL INCOME                                 $18,354.74                                                                                                                                                                                                                        $62,992.05   


OPERATIONS                                     $16,266.82

(Rental, supplies, food, 

Refunds, Network)

EVENTS                                                    1,400.00

(Zingo, Magician, Holocaust,

GALA/BUS                                             10,851.00

GOVERNMENT FEES                                    61.25


TOTAL EXPENSES                                                              -$28,579.07                                                                                                                                 

OCTOBER 31,2022                                                          $34,412.98  



EVENTS:                              $12,325.73

DONATIONS                            2,350.00



ACADEMY BUS                             520.00



ATTENDANCE                          6,065.00 


(9x95=   665)                          -------------       



CHARTER  ONE YACHT                    $15,075.00

ACADEMY BUS                                      1,071.00

MAGICIAN                                                 500.00

MEALS (3)                                                  105.00

4ALL PROMOS                                           744.87

PHOTOS                                                      875.00  

CANDIES                                                     100.00

 USB (4)                                                         41.69

  GIFTS                                                            347.67

  REFUNDS                                                      135.00 

   (75 + 60 )                                             —————-           






LEVINE FOUNDATION                                  $10,000.00

Indian Pines Elementary School by Javi                                 $500.00

Palm Spring Middle School by Javi                                            250.00



Total Balance                                                                                    $9,250.00

Yom Ha’Shoah & Israel Independence Day

EXPENSES:                                                                                           -$2,741.70

(Rental, food, supplies, presentation                                 —————

Holocaust by Simon Carmel, Henna by                                  

Farah Shabbir)

Total Balance                                                                             $6,508.30

Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe

EXPENSES                                                                                  -$2113.60

(Rental, food, presentation by

Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe

Total Balance                                                                           $4,394.70


Chanukah event - Elaine Aiello and Iris Carvajal are Co-Chairs for the December 18 event, there will be surprises, bring your menorah for display but only one electric menorah will be lighted, a dance instructor will teach us Israeli dances and perform, will have latkes, etc. but it’s not a meal, registration form going out very soon - $20 members, $25 nonmembers, at Temple Shaarei Shalom 2 – 6 PM. The committee have been meeting regularly.

Caring Heart Community Team – The past 2 years, Covid has backfired on our assistance with our FSJD members in times of illness, ER, Hospital Visitations, Rehab and Shiva preparations for the deceased members. I am a Deaf Advocate for the Hospitals around this area: East and West Bethesda Hospitals and Delray. In the past two years, we had 6 patients and 2 in rehab. I try to contact the social worker in rehabilitation centers ahead of time to explain about Deaf’s communication needs for easier transition.  I have a box of cards that says, “I am Deaf!" for easier communication needs for anyone who wants it.

Services we can offer are:

1: Bereavement:

FSJD will help members with their family and friends with setting up meals during shiva and send out obituary information through FSJD website and donations. Important to consult with the family first.

2: Transportation/Visits:

Hineni is a Hebrew word for “Here I am” is so important for FSJD volunteers to help members who are homebound, drive to ER, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and physical therapy centers.  Please contact me  at or VP 561-503-2858

3: Sending Emails:  Birthday wishes, refuah shlemah (Get Well Soon) or Mazel Tov 

I need more volunteers to help coordinate the various programs and to participate

All information is kept confidential.

Webmaster  – Eric enjoyed working with the Board in doing Wild Apricot, will train Jeff Cohen who is taking over, but Joy, Glenna, and Wendy will have a few tasks to do. Registration involves several steps to do online. A demonstration was done for online and for the app.

2023 Tentative Calendar

Friday, January 13      FSJD Shabbat Dinner at WCC

Sunday, February 5     Tu’Bishvat Wine & Cheese at TSS

Sunday, March 5         Purim Luncheon & Jewish Trivia at WCC 

Thursday, April 6        FSJD Second Night Passover Seder at WCC

Sunday, May 7           Yom HaShoah & Israel Independence at TSS

                                      Summer Break                     

Saturday, Sept 16      Rosh Hashanah Services & Luncheon at WCC

Monday, Sept 25        Yom Kippur Services & Break the Fast at WCC

Sunday, Oct 1            Sukkot Celebration & Meal (TBA)

Sunday, Nov 12          FSJD Meeting, Elections & Meal (TBA)

Sunday, Dec 10          Hanukkah Party (TBA)

*Temple Shaarei Shalom, 9085 Hagen Ranch Rd; Boynton Beach, FL 33472

*Westchester Country Club, 12250 Westchester Club Dr; BB, FL 33437

Ways to Support FSJD

Volunteer for different committees

Make donations to FSJD: honor someone on their birthday, anniversary, or milestone

Use AmazonSmile, pick FSJD as a charity

Contribute your talents and/or skills. 

It is a mitzvah to do all of the above!

Shop AmazonSmile in Support of fSJD

Create account or sign in if you already have one 

Search for the charity by typing in Florida Society of Jewish Deaf 

Select Florida Society of Jewish Deaf as your charity *Start shopping!! 

Add a bookmark for to make it easier to return and shop at Amazon Smile 

Amazon will contribute .05% to the Florida Society of Jewish Deaf on each order 

Old Business - The name for the card bingo game was referred to the Board which decided on Zingo (zing, zest, zeal – energy, enthused, excited) also Zol Zion mit Mazel – good luck

New Business – 

Deafopia free vendor table on December 10 at Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise – MOTION FAILED (Joel Silberstein/Devorah Blumenson)

Mitzvah Projects was proposed by Susan Cohen with eight different possible community activities -no motion, will be discussed by the Board for follow-up

Palm Beach County School Board will host their annual holiday party for deaf and hard of hearing children December 8 – contact them to contribute gifts and/or volunteers MOTION PASSED (Glenna Ashton/Michael Goldberg)

Establish an ad hoc committee of four to suggest ways to disburse more funds for each planned event and other activities. MOTION PASSED (Jerry Cohen/Elaine Aiello)

Thanks to Monica Thornton, Eric Beer, and Melinda Weinrib for coordinating the sub meal.

Meeting adjourned 4:07 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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