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FSJD Board Meeting

Sorenson VP Conference Call

December 29, 2022

Board members present: Joy Antar, Glenna Ashton, Wendy Bachman, Judy Gordon, Lance Weinrib, Michael Goldberg

Board member absent: David Tropp (health issues)

Call to Order 7:00 PM

Main Topics: Wild Apricot and next events

Jeff Cohen let Joy know that he will not take over doing the Wild Apricot web site since his experience does not match the skills needed. We still have one more year of the contract so need to continue doing it then decide what to do.

There will be training at Eric Beer’s house to focus on membership, registration, and e-blasts on January 4, Wednesday, 10 AM to 12 noon or later. January 10 Board meeting will discuss more in depth about the web site.

January 13 Sabbath still has low registrations with only 19 paid. Need to do a vlog ASAP. Reasons include not driving at night (can do pickups or carpools), medical issues, other plans, etc.). Perhaps in the future do a Saturday brunch instead.

February 5 Wine & Cheese – Jeff Cohen shared plans for the event at TSS. Costs seems high based on high number of attendees, will need to be adjusted.

March 5 event canceled  due to lack of people to plan and coordinate this event. Future 2023 events will be reevaluated. Perhaps do a vlog about need for committee chairs with experience.

Adjourned 7:50 PM

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Glenna Ashton

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