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FSJD Board Meeting

Sorenson VP Conference Call

December 21, 2022

Board members present: Joy Antar, Glenna Ashton, Wendy Bachman, Judy Gordon, Lance Weinrib, Michael Goldberg

Board member absent: David Tropp (health issues)

Call to Order 2:59 PM

Main Topic: Review of December 18 Hanukah event

The committee plan and duty list sheet was given to Elaine before.

Schedule and duties should be sent to Board. Need to establish a process for all committees to report regularly to the Board on their plans

50/50 Raffle jar had a confusing price sheet on it and will be changed. Tickets now will be only 6 for $5.00. Core committee of President, Treasurer and Committee Chair are to decide on the prizes based on the proceeds raised. Vice – President is available if the President is not. More people are interested in volunteering such as Debi Spindel and Sydney Beckman.

Committee members need to be continuously involved with clear assigned duties to the very end of event including clean up. Food was cold due to improper warming procedure.

Committees need strong leadership and follow policy for planning events. 

A budget must be established and take into consideration all costs including rent, fees, food, materials, etc.

Food costs should be based on price person not bulk orders. If the budget is over $1,000 must ask the Board first.

Wendy did an event report showing a loss of $725.77.

Perhaps start changing events to bimonthly and/or in connection with major Jewish holidays. Rental deposits can be postponed to the following event.

More fundraising needs to be done so not have to depend on Levine Foundation or sponsors.

*Michael is to develop a list of Jewish organizations to ask for donations.

Need to attend other Jewish organization events with active participation or booths to make FSJD more visible. An interpreter will have to be requested.

*Lance will talk to Jerry about the coin jar to suggest a change of plans such as doing it with PBCAD instead. This is possible since we gave $500 in seed money to the Caring Committee which was his goal.

Agreed to have a quick follow up conference call after each event in 2023.

Adjourned 4:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by

Glenna Ashton

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