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FSJD Board Meeting

Joy Antar’s house

December 14, 2022

Board members present: Joy Antar, Glenna Ashton, Wendy Bachman, Judy Gordon, Lance Weinrib

Board members absent: Michael Goldberg, David Tropp (both due to health)

Call to Order 10:40 AM

President’s report:

Hanukah party December 18th – will have 73 attendees and will increase food orders to 90 people from 3 G’s Deli. Elaine Aiello, committee chair, will set up a schedule and follow up on volunteer duties. Gift cards donated from Iris Carvajal and a 50/50 raffle will be done.  Coin jar raffle donated by Jerry Cohen future to be decided later.

Future events still need committee chairs and flyers prepared. A new policy of no refunds after deadline will be implemented.

November 7th Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Rebecca requires a follow up letter for a signature to the contract payment which Susan Cohen will help with. 

A standard donation letter template was shared and approved.

Wild Apricot training needed by Jeff Cohen and Board members to help spread out the duties. Perhaps have Joel Udelson as a backup. A schedule for e-blasting flyers has been set up.

Membership dues drive for 2023 should start now. There will be paper copies available at the December 18thevent. Will update the membership form.

Keep registration fees low but offer more such as better/more food, decorations, prizes, etc.

Will meet again with the new person at Jewish Federation of Palm Beach.

MOTION: Void motion made at general meeting about organization finances since proper vote count was not followed. PASSED. Research showed that certain concerns about it was not applicable to a small organization like FSJD. 

Vice- President’s Report: none 

Secretary’s report: Will post general and Board minutes on the web site. Will work on the idea of a South Florida Round Table where six local Deaf organizations can participate and collaborate for the benefit of all. 

Treasurer’s Report: See attached copies of accounts. Individual events tend to show a loss however they are covered by Levine Foundation, donations, and general funds.

Old Business:

Caring Committee needs to develop policies and procedures including limits on services and amounts for individuals.

MOTION: $500 seed money be given to the Caring Committee. PASSED

March 5 event with Fred Korman needs to be explored further with him explaining his plans and materials, if it is not satisfactory then will change to Zingo. He will be invited to Jan 10 meeting about it.

New Business: 

Susan Cohen has software that creates colorful flyers and is willing to share and train someone on it.

Day trip to Jewish Community Center of Boca Raton Exhibit on Jewish Athletes and the Holocaust. Glenna will arrange the trip for mid-February on a Monday or Wednesday that will include going to a variety of restaurants available at Uptown Boca.

A Workshop with a panel discussion on antisemitism was suggested by Lance to be coordinated by Susan Cohen and Karyn Rosner

MOTION: FSJD to host an antisemitism workshop by Susan Cohen and Karyn Rosner. PASSED

Adjourned 1:06 PM

Respectfully submitted by

Glenna Ashton

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