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FSJD Board Meeting

Sorenson Conference Call

November 8, 2022

November 13 General Meeting preparations:

Arrive 1 PM for setup

Registration 1:30 – 2:15

2:15 start meeting

3:45 lineup activity and meal

4:30 start Zingo few free (4?) games with $20 prizes

44 attendees ordered meals and will get a ticket as proof

Others are free to attend meeting but no meals, only drinks and snacks

Zingo run by Lance W with tech support by Glenna and players support by Judy and Michael

50/50 raffle tickets will be sold – need to find two volunteers – Wendy to find them from attendees

Add PowerPoint slides for office oath, Mitzvah projects

Have paper forms for people to be ready for motions during new business

Sales of tickets, boosters, etc. from other outside organizations not allowed at any FSJD events

Other business:

Pictures from members need to be curated/culled for posting on web site

Membership fee will remain $18.00 and have paper forms ready to use at events

November 7 workshop had 27 people attending, food was good, Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe spoke about three values – honor, patience, and trust with short group discussions. Mitzvah projects were presented for consideration for two reasons - to make FSJD more visible to local Jewish organizations and to do good deeds. Costs were covered by Levine Foundation and committee donations.

Deafopia Expo is at Sawgrass Mills, Fort Lauderdale on December 10 – 10 AM – 5 PM, offers free vendor booths – need to find volunteers

Glenna will call Debbie Blumenson to arrange for a Board dinner to show our appreciation for her as one of the pioneers of FSJD before she moves to Maryland the end of December.

Next Board meeting is December 14 at 1 PM at Joy’s house followed by dinner with Eric Beer in appreciation of his two years’ service as webmaster

Another Board meeting is scheduled for January 17 at 10 AM at Joy’s house to review plans and materials for March 5 with Fred Korman and his Trivia game

Respectfully submitted by

Glenna Ashton

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