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FSJD Board meeting

October 9, 2022

Joy Antar’s house

Call to Order 10:55 AM

September 7, 2022 minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report – Income from high Holy Days services $1524, Sorenson donation  for Chanukah party $250 = $1774, Expenses $2341.67, balance $35,577.08 (includes Levine foundation). Joy will do a general letter of thanks for Yizkor donations.

November 7 – Rabbi workshop at TSS, Susan Cohen, Chair, with deposit ($375) and fee ($500) paid, food is from 3G Deli and need 25 attendees to break even, Levine Foundation grant will cover this partially.

November 13 – General meeting at TSS - flyer almost done, add option of meeting attendance only with no food, Monica and Eric co-chairs for food only, will have raffle ticket sales

December 18 – Chanukah party – Elaine Aiello, chair, flyer ready, will have committee meeting Nov. 10, sourcing latkes needs to be discussed, Iris donated items for it.

TSS kitchen fee – will not renew due to infrequent use and its poor condition 

Board Director position – MOTION: President to appoint David Tropp as a replacement Board Director for the reminder of the term (one year) (GA/MG) PASSED

Oath of Office will be administered to new and changed positions at general meeting

Eric Beer’s last day as webmaster is November 1. Joy and Glenna were at his house Oct.4 for 2 hours training on Wild Apricot sections which was overwhelming and requires practice. There is a possible replacement, but further discussions and training are needed before final decision. However certain Board members should learn to be responsible for certain parts to spread the workload. Wild Apricot still has one year left on contract.

MOTION: Eric Beer to be recognized for his two years of volunteer professional work with a letter of appreciation and a Board dinner (MG/LW) PASSED

March 5, 2023 - Purim, will reserve WCC and have a variety of activities along with a meal. Fred Korman’s offer to do a Deaf Jewish Trivia game for a high fee is declined.

The importance of Board members confidentiality was emphasized again since there were many inquiries due to the transition changes.

A list of sponsorships and donors will be developed with start/end dates on the web site and for events. Will start another round of requests for donations.

Amazon Smiles account was fixed and needs to be promoted.

Nov 13 General meeting planning - A PowerPoint will be developed that includes meeting agenda, all events flyers for late 2021 and 2022, pictures, 2023 tentative events, and full treasurer’s report for the general meeting. 2023 Membership forms printouts to be available and posted online. Bylaws states two general meetings – it was decided to still have one general meeting but add frequent updates at selected events.

Next Board meeting will be December 14 Wednesday in the afternoon to be followed by dinner with Eric.

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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