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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

General Meeting

Temple Shaarei Shalom, 9085 Hagen Ranch Rd, Boynton Beach, FL

November 14, 2021

Board Members present: Martin Florsheim, President Carol Trachtenberg, Vice-President, Glenna Ashton, Secretary, Wendy Bachman, Treasurer, Jerry Cohen, Director, Michael Goldberg, Director, Joy Antar, Director

54 members thus meeting the quorum

Martin Florsheim called the meeting to order at 2:18 PM

Agenda approved

Minutes – January 26, 2020 minutes were read, corrected, and approved (Tom Fields, Lance Fischer)

Officer Reports

President – Thanked the current Board and members for their continued support of FSJD during the pandemic of two years. We are open to new ideas going forward. We appreciate several sponsors’ support for our events and the web site. The Wild Apricot web site cost of $1200 for two years was entirely covered by sponsorships. Note that our events are supported by donations and sponsorships thus keeping member costs low, mainly for food served. The Gala on March 6, 2022 is an exciting event coming up and we are confident that we will meet the goal of fundraising $15,000 since we already have almost $12,000. Jerry Cohen announced a new fundraiser – five dollar tickets for the challenge to guess the amount of coins in a large stuffed coin jar which is at least one hundred dollars’ worth and the winner will be revealed at the Gala, the flyer is on the web site. After the Gala the new Board will set new fundraising goals and we will continue to offer Jewish-themed events to bring the community closer for learning and enjoyment. The next scheduled event is the Chanukah party with Matt Morgan’s magic show on Sunday December 5th at Temple Shaarei Shalom. A new event is a community Shabbat dinner on Friday January 7, 2022 at Westchester Country Club. Nominations will be accepted from the floor. Phil Aiello will conduct the nominations and elections while June McMahon, Mo Aiello, and Harriet Loeb will count ballots. If re-elected as President, this will be my last term. A quick survey was taken – the annual meetings will alternate between dinners and bagel and lox served, and events will continue to be monthly. Thank you for your participation and support.

Vice-President- Maintaining the membership files, for 2021 there were 110 members, for 2022 there are 60 paid so please pay your dues. Will not run again in today’s elections but will continue to work with memberships.

Secretary- All minutes for 2020 and 2021 were posted on the web site under the “About US” tab. Chaired Bylaws committee with Phil Aiello and Lance Weinrib as members – proposed bylaws changes were approved via online voting. Co-chaired the High Holy Days service with Joy Antar which was successful with the changes made. We will do it again for 2022. Co-chaired with Michael Goldberg the October Dingo/Ice cream Social for Gala Social which fundraised about $800. Co-chairing with Michael Goldberg the Gala Sunday Brunch Cruise, which was postponed from January 2020 to March 6, 2022, more fundraising needs to be done. More details later. Current member of Deaf Awareness and Advocacy (DAA) committee (joint effort with South Florida Deaf Senior citizens). Proclamations for Deaf Awareness Week were obtained from Palm Beach County and Boynton Beach.

Treasurer – Clarified the differences between general and Gala funds. Joel Silberstein’s matching challenge of$1800 was met and will be used for educational purposes.

January 1, 2021 cash balance $34,536.28


Events $5,234.

Membership $1,140.

Donations $7,971.12

Gala/bus $410.

Total Income $14,755.12


Operations $44,431.80

Events $2,237.50

Refunds $709.

Total Expenses $7,378.30

October 31, 2021 cash balance $41,913.10

Anniversary Gala fund $11,975.

Webmaster  – Eric Beer  - continue to update and expand using the features of Wild Apricot (WA) with postings, e-blasts, surveys, minutes, and membership management system. Credit cards are not accepted as it involves processing fees, also can’t do recurring donations yet. Best way is through Zelle which is done separately through your bank. Appreciated sponsors covering the cost of the Wild Apricot site for two years.

Caring Heart Community Team – Su Robbins – surprised that have not gotten any requests for services, the committee stands ready to help with resources and assistance. There are three teams; 1) Bereavement – can help members with guidance in following Jewish traditions by helping with members and relatives with setting up meals during shiva (1-2 days) and send out obituary and shiva announcements to family and friends through FSJD web site and donations. The family should be consulted first as to their wishes for the obituary and donations. 2) Resources – there are three different funeral places that we can share within Florida however again the family’s decisions are to be honored. 3) Transportation/Visits – Hineni is a Hebrew word for “Here I Am”, FSJD volunteers can buy prepared meals or shop for foods for a member who is homebound, volunteers may help drive for members to go to Emergency Rooms, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and physical therapy centers. Also, we could develop communication cards for use in emergencies for hospitals and other places, educate about VRI set up and appropriate usage. Information on members served will be kept confidential.

Chanukah event – Iris Carvajal and Joy Antar – Sunday December 5th at Temple Shaarei Shalom 2 – 6 PM, there will be many surprise gifts, lots of food including latkes, salad, sufganiyot (Israeli donuts), Mandelbrot (mandel bread) made by Iris, and a magic show by Matt Morgan. Fee is $15.00.

Shabbat/Sabbath dinner – Joy Antar - there are two dates set – January 7 and May 20, 2022 both on a Friday 4 – 7 PM at Westchester Country Club which include educational information and prayers. There will be flyers soon.

Dingo/Pizza – Glenna Ashton and Michael Goldberg  - February 6, 2022 at Temple Shaarei Shalom 2 – 6 PM. 7-card games will be run again by Cindi Nelson and pizza will be served – plain cheese and vegetable options

Gala Cruise  - Glenna Ashton and Michael Goldberg – a PowerPoint was shown explaining the event details including the menu. Extending the times for the charter bus will be requested. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list is posted on the web site. The PowerPoint will be posted after getting charter bus and other transportation information.

Old Business - none

New Business – Motion: The Dingo game to be renamed Wingo for winning. (Fred Sugarman/Jerry Cohen) FAILED. Other suggestions were made. It was referred to the Board for discussion and final decision (Joel Pollock/June McMahon) PASSED

Elections – Martin Florsheim was President again by acclamation, Joy Antar was elected Vice-President, Glenna Ashton was Secretary again by acclamation, Wendy Bachman was Treasurer again by acclamation, Jerry Cohen, Michael Goldberg, and Lance Weinrib were elected Directors.

Meeting adjourned 4:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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