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FSJD Board Meeting
August 3, 2022
Wendy Bachman’s house

Board Members Present: Joy Antar, Glenna Ashton, Wendy Bachman, Jerry Cohen, Michael Goldberg, Lance Weinrib

Meeting called at 11:00 AM

Minutes – August 3, 2022, revised minutes accepted as corrected via e-mail.

President report: It has been only five months since Martin Florsheim left! The website continues to be updated. Secretary position needs to be filled – no qualified candidate yet, need to search and if necessary, plan for November meeting. Susan Frajman’s father’s Holocaust interview was not recommended by Simon Carmel. There are existing videos that are captioned. The Caring committee chaired by Su Robbins needs to keep records and report general statistics (with identity confidentially) on their efforts, needs to promote awareness, and perhaps make a video for the web site. They have $100. funding. Carol Trachtenberg has old records of memberships and minutes, perhaps transfer them. JDC Summit in Baltimore MD Oct 6-7 but no interest in attendance from Board. Fall Shabbat virtual service hosting – again no Board interest. Board members are encouraged to attend FSJD events regularly.

Vice- President report: No report but will discuss the policy drafts later

Secretary report: No report

Treasurer report: Carol Trachtenberg will be a back up when needed. There 112 members.
July had no income but an expense of $47.37 for last of food supplies for June Zingo. Levine fund is $6508.30, general fund is $27,419.59 for a total of $35, 644.75 for July audited by Judy Gordan and Carol Trachtenberg.
April 16 - Passover at WCC, 45 attendees with 11 non-members from a church group – income $2295, expenses $2042, net $253
May 1 – Israel /Holocaust at TSS, 48 attendees, income $1104, expenses, $92, net $1012, Levine Foundation covered food and Simon Carmel presentation for $2741.70
May 20 – Shabbat dinner at WCC, 34 attendees, income $1360, expenses $1282, net $78
June 6 – Zingo, 60 attendees, income $2109.39, expenses $1799.14, net $310.25

Old Business:
Email policy – We are signed up with TechSoup and Eric develop the email policy for our consideration.  A few changes were suggested. Wild Apricot has a YouTube channel with many training and tips videos all captioned, also will provide tech support and hands -on training. Board email can be kept separate or linked to personal email.
Announcements – A few changes were suggested and need to develop a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
Flyer guidelines – should be done in PDF, but working papers for the Board in Word only (not Pages)
Recommended changes will be made and sent to Board for final review and adoption.
Levine Foundation – leave as it is – wait and see if any new action.

New Business:
Locations – keep events at TSS and WCC for now
Facebook – have the webmaster be administrator and cross-post flyers there
Wild Apricot – have one more year remaining of contract, have available webmasters?
Webmaster - perhaps develop a MOU for local Deaf organizations to share a paid webmaster?
Admission – free admission policy tabled (on hold)
Food policy – Committees serving food should keep kosher/kosher style items in mind while making decisions, on flyers/registration forms add a line for dietary restrictions such as sugar or gluten free


September 26 – Rosh Hashanah at WCC, Joy (food) and Glenna (program) Chairs, preparations underway, will be same but look for new/added readers
October 5 – Yom Kippur at WCC, Joy and Glenna, Chairs, same as above
November 7 –Lunch & Learn at WCC – Susan Cohen, Chair, Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe
November 13 – General meeting, need Food Chair, do Deaf Trivia with Fred Korman
December 18 – Chanukah party, need Chair
2023 schedule hold until next Board meeting, also Fred Korman may do cooking classes at PBCAD

Jerry Cohen resigned from FSJD Board. (An email with letter of resignation was sent later)

The next Board meeting will be August 25, 2022, via Sorenson conference call on Board appointments only
Meeting adjourned 2:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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