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FSJD Board Meeting
February 11, 2022
Hagen Ranch Rd. Library

Board Members Present: Martin Florsheim, Joy Antar, Glenna Ashton, Wendy Bachman, Jerry Cohen, Michael Goldberg
Board Member Absent: Lance Weinrib
Visitor: Barbara Lerner

Meeting called at 2:45 PM

President report:
Su Robbins, Chair of CARE committee was not present to give an update report.
Martin, Joy, and Wendy just completed the transfer of authorized signatures at the bank (Bank of America) prior to today’s meeting. Caryn Feldman at Temple Shaarei Shalom and Christina Materese at Westchester Country Club were informed that only Joy and Glenna are the contact persons for all FSJD events. Gave Joy his “President book” with all pertinent information including contacts.

Vice- President report:
Dr. Tracey Perez of Broward County contacted us asking about data on Jewish Deaf in the county. A discussion followed on two temples (Bat Yam and B’nai Israel) interested in providing interpreter services, but surveys and outreach is needed. Rabbi Israel of Delray Beach is offering an online course on Spirituality with interpreter provided and it will be e-blasted.

Secretary report:
Will pass on secretary materials to the new Secretary, Barbara Lerner, which covers emails, VP, and in person meetings and decisions. Text messages should be minimized.

Treasurer report:
As of January 31, 2022, the balance is $45,190.91 – of that $9,200 is the earmarked education fund, and about $12,000 is the Gala fund. Purple wants proof of paid attendance before committing to a sponsorship.

Old Business:
Coin Jar – sell at least 100 tickets at $5.00 each then prize drawing – hopefully either at May 1 or June 12 event. Also, we have ten $5.00 Proper ice cream gift cards to give away in addition to 50/50 raffle, and Zingo games.

Storage cabinet at PBCAD – In the past we donated $200 annually for the space, now PBCAD wants to charge $300 which was done without consultations or discussions. Board had already considered giving it up due to the distance and availability. Everything was removed from the cabinet by Michael and Glenna on February 1st. Efforts will be made to donate it somewhere.

New Business:
Education workshops must be offered to use up the foundation fund so that we can get another large grant again. Jerry will plan at least three workshops for 2022. Location arrangements (TSS and WCC) must be done through Joy or Glenna.
MOTION: The first workshop to be offered at May 1 event (WB/MG) PASSED

April 16 – Seder dinner at WCC

May 1 – Holocaust Observance and /Israel Independence Day event at TSS 2:30 -6:30 PM
May 20 – Shabbos dinner at WCC
June 12 – Zingo at TSS 12 – 5 PM
September 26 – Rosh Hashanah at WCC
October 5 – Yom Kippur at WCC
November ? – general meeting
December ? – Chanukah party

Meeting adjourned 4:15 Pm

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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