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FSJD Board Meeting

January 7, 2022 Friday

Sorenson Conference Call

All Officers Present

Call to Order 1:00 PM

Year-end report - As of January 1, 2021, the balance was $34,536.28, income was $32,426.76 from events, memberships, donations, and Gala/bus tickets, expenses was $12325.73 from operations, events, and refunds. As of December 31,2021, the balance was $44,637.31. Report audited by Judy Gordon

The name Zingo for the card bingo game proposed by the Gala committee was approved.

MOTION: A PC laptop to be purchased for use for Zingo, general meetings, and other similar purposes. The maximum amount is $500 including accessories and software. (JC/WB)

February 6 plans are in place with volunteers ready to go. We will do outside seating for pizza meal if necessary.

Wild Apricot credit card application and discussion is tabled.

Guess the amount in the donated coin jar fundraiser proceeds is to go to the Caring Hearts committee. 100 tickets will be sold until it reaches $500 hopefully by May 1st event.

Jerry Cohen will check if Proper ice Cream will agree to exchange their $50 gift card for 5 $10 gift cards to use as prizes.

JDRC – waiting to have Susan Cohen come explain to us about the mission and activities of it.

Kind Kitchen – Joy Antar explained about the Jewish Community Synagogue in Palm Beach’s Kind Kitchen program that they have run since 1987. They have kosher meals available each week for all in need for a variety of life situations. Birth, death, sickness, holidays and more. FSJD’s Caring Committee could possibly use them as a resource.

Gala – have options for dealing with March 6 event but waiting to hear back from Charter One cruise on whether we can drop from 75 to 50 minimum, postpone the date again, get full refund, or other possible options

FTRI/Florida Relay now offers captioning for online meetings and webinars using RCC. Online application at least a day before to request service.

Adjourned 2:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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