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FSJD Board Meeting

October 3, 2021 Sunday

Sorenson Conference Call

All Officers Present

Call to Order 1:12 PM

Secretary - Minutes from June 3, 2021 approved. Approved minutes to be posted on the web site.

Treasurer – As of September 2021 the balance was $39,395.84, income was $2403.00 from High Holy Days services and events, expenses was $2948.50 from High Holy Days services, donations was $1000.00 from Sorenson for the Gala cruise, $360.00 from NIR for the Chanukah party, and $120.00 in memory of Irene Argule. Report audited by Judy Gordon and Bob Van Vorst

Membership dues paid for 2022 is 26 so far.

MOTION: Sabbath dinner and luncheon with workshops to be held on Jan 7 and May 21, 2022 at WCC (Jerry, Wendy)

Gala Cruise update – 22 paid, final number of attendees will affect costs, FAD e-zine will advertise it

MOTION: Donate $50.00 to BHSD for use of their Zoom account for High Holy Days service rehearsals (Carol, Jerry)

Dingo game renaming choices – Jingo out due to negative word meaning, Wingo, Hingo, other?

Matt Morgan Check with and finalize plans with him to do magic for the December 5 Chanukah party and Dec. 2 for the Palm Beach DHH program. Sponsorships needed to cover the costs of around $200 - $400.

Restaurant Depot – free non-profit membership, it has a plethora of equipment and foodstuffs at competitive prices.

Fred Korman shared many ideas for fundraising such as ASL Trivia, Bahama cruise, etc. We do need to focus on Jewish-themed activities.

American-German Club was toured by Martin and Jerry – spacious with indoor and outdoor dining spaces, high rent but can be quite flexible, even free, perhaps do a Deaf awareness event with them

Flyers and vlogs for upcoming events from November to March to be prepared, posted, and emailed

November 14 general meeting preparation for elections – candidate slate to be sent 30 days ahead, all candidates to present on background, past accomplishments, and future plans.

Chanukah committee will meet soon, already have Proper ice cream coupons, use Jerry’s jar of coins for guessing game?

PBCAD cabinet was clean and in good condition, so a lot of supplies was taken for the October 17 event.

Organization email Eric to add

Joel Silberstein set up a matching challenge in honor of his 75th birthday in October. We are to raise $1800 to match his $1800 donation by October 31, 2021 for the Chai fund.

Adjourned 2:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton

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