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FSJD Board meeting

June 3, 2021

Canyon Town Center Park, Boynton Beach, FL

All present except Carol Trachtenburg (in rehab)

Call to order 10:55 AM

Secretary – April 11, 2021 minutes approved and will be posted on web site. Also bylaws 2021 version was posted.

Treasurer – Balance as of June 1st - $36,391.48

Income – donations of $1818.00

Gala Funds - $12,831.00 Deposit at Charter One Yacht of $5,000.00, balance $7831.00

Levine Foundation - $9750.00 - ($250 for magician at school show in March 2020)

2021-2022 Activities discussed in order

August 22 – Dingo/Ice Cream Social at Temple Shaarei Shalom (TSS) 2 – 6 PM, Cindi Jacobs will lead Dingo, Gala committee to volunteer there, Jerry Cohen will seek donation of ice cream tubs from Proper Ice Cream, new flyer to be done ASAP, fee is $20 for both Dingo and ice cream

Sept 7 & 16 – High Holy Days services at Westchester Country Club (WCC), Joy and Glenna will plan the services, will try to involve more new readers, remind Tom Fields to practice blowing the shofar, need to have a good sermon, Yizkor money send directly to Wendy

October ? – Carlin Park picnic – joint hosting by FSJD and SFDSC, location will be evaluated on June 9 (NB was found quite acceptable)

November 14 – General meeting and elections at TSS, will appoint a nominations chair soon, will set up a food committee – either bagel & lox or a light meal, will check out a possible company for frozen appetizers

December 5 – Chanukah party at TSS, need a chair, TJ’s latkes will be used again

January 16 – Tu BiShvat ('New Year of the Trees'. In contemporary Israel, the day is celebrated as an ecological awareness day, and trees are planted in celebration), could do volunteer work, do plantings, etc. Gala committee to chair this, no location yet

February 6 – Dingo/Pizza Social at TSS, Gala committee to chair

March 6 -Gala Brunch cruise on South Beach Lady yacht in Hollywood, full committee meeting on Tuesday June 8

April 16 – Passover Seder at TSS – problem it’s Saturday night – will see what works out (NB has been changed to April 17 luncheon)

May 5 – Israel Independence Day picnic at Burt Aaronson South Regional Park in Boca Raton, was postponed from last year

Other Agenda Items

Vaccination requirements – will follow TSS’s policy which will not enforce anything since CDC rules are vague, it is basically honor system with hope that those that should wear masks will do so

E-blast advertisements – Kerstin Fox Travel will pay $10 each time an ad is sent out, may be one or two in some months

Service Bridges – has done many donations, decided that instead of gratis membership, better to recognize their support with logos, comments, etc., there’s no policy on complimentary memberships considering it’s only $18.00

Gala planning – Hotels and AirBnB impossible to book for that weekend due to high season, high prices, and high bookings already, will still do sponsors with fewer tables, will still have a charter bus, there’s plenty of self-parking spaces

Brochures – put a sticker over the Gala information or throw out and do digital only?

Outreach – will wait until fall to contact various Jewish organizations since many are still working from home

Caring Committee – requested $100.00 to buy gifts, hot meals and other things to help those in need, need clarification on their roles and fiscal oversight

MOTION 1 - Caring Committee be allocated $1,000.00 per year to cover relevant expenses. (JC/MG) PASSED

Education – Ways to use the foundation money – include 30 minutes of educational topics to all social events, host more cooking classes, Jewish films, need a committee to focus on this

MOTION 2 – Establish an Education Committee (JC/JA) PASSED

Web site sponsorships – have gotten sponsorships from NIR, Heart Cruises, Kramer, Jerry Cohen, Sorenson, and Service Bridges that will cover the Wild Apricot hosting fees. Their logos and links will be included

Membership Dues – will continue to be $18

Adjourned 12:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary


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