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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

Board Meeting April 11, 2021

Sorenson video group chat

All Board members present.

Called to order at 1:00 PM

Secretary – January 10, 2021 minutes approved

Treasurer – Bank suggested that it is better to continue with the debit card instead of applying for a credit card since it would involve a lot of paperwork for a small organization plus still use mostly checks

Balance: as of April 11 - $35,569.21

Income: Donations - Service Bridges, Inc. $1000., Network for Good $55., and In Memoriam $43. = $1,098.

Expenses: Food supplies for Purim drive-through $275.87, TSS (temple) donation $200. = $475.87

Audited by Judy Gordon and Bob Van Vorst

Both High Holy Days and Yizkor activities will be decided in July for a September 7 event

General meeting/elections – will check with Caryn if can hold outside the temple on October 24

Park picnic – find large pavilions during the week in November for a social– will offer lox and bagel committee

Chanukah party December 5 at temple – either outside or ballroom -no deposit required

MOTION: Send PBCAD $200. For 2021 storage of FSJD cabinet (Jerry/Carol)

Purim drive-through – many enjoyed this event with the goodies and bags despite the quality difference due to supply issues

Passover drive-through – 94 bags of goodies handed out, 61 people stayed for the social circle, 7 people called Jerry with positive feedback, think may break even due to $1000.  And in-kind donations, still charge issues with Flakowitz.

Bylaws – Committee of Glenna, Lance Weinrib and Phil Aiello decided on six simple changes. Eric posted the poll and Martin vlogged. All amendments passed. Of 6 amendments, 4 were 36 – 0, #3 on general meeting frequency and quorum it was 34-2, #6 on expenditure limit of $1,000., it was 31-5. 36 out of 89 active members represented 40% response rate which is excellent for online poll response! Will follow up with updated version online.

Gala – Charter One company lost their contract with Grand Floridian which changed their business plan, new option is Catalina in Ft. Lauderdale, will set up tour for committee and Board soon, menu slightly different for $64 instead of $72 so can add omelet station – committee will decide choices, contract is for 75 people for less than $13K so we have the monies already to cover the yacht expenses, can do more fundraising for entertainment and other extras, sponsor offer need to change, new flyer need to be done, will have meeting with full committee

Sukkot – September 26 will do a drive-through – figure out details and look for sponsors

All Fall events and Gala to make final decisions on whether or how to host them by July Board meeting

United Way – will get support, need find out guidelines, etc. – to be used for the new coalition

Network for Good – got donation, now need to meet with the team for further fundraising efforts

Adjourned 2:27 PM

Addendum: Email motions passed

February 26 - $200 donation to TSS (temple) for use of facility for the Purim drive-through

March 22 - $200 donation to TSS (temple) for use of facility for the Passover drive-through

March 24 – Complimentary 2-year membership for Russ Kane in recognition of his family foundation grant of $10K

March 30 – Martin and Glenna to represent FSJD for the new Deaf county coalition being set up

Respectfully Submitted,

Glenna Ashton


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