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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

Board Meeting January 10, 2021

Sorenson video group chat

All Board members present.

Called to order at 10:04 AM

Secretary - Past Board minutes of November 23, 2020 accepted.

Treasurer – Annual report audited by committee and accepted– a chart comparing 2019 with balance of $16,016.97 and 2020 with balance of $34,536.28 showing income and expenses was given. Major differences were increased donations and decreased expenses. This chart is attached.

Purim Drive-Thru event – It will be at Temple Shaarei Shalom (TSS) February 26th 1 – 3 PM for volunteers and 1:30 – 2:30 for members. Barbara Morris is the Chair. Accepted Iris Carvajal’s offer of baked goods. Purim accessories leftovers from 2019 event will be kept for 2022. Hamantasch, mandelbrot, and possibly a drink will be handed out.

Motion: A Purim performance to be added to this event which the committee will take care of. (Jerry/Michael) Passed.

Passover Drive-Thru event – Jerry will chair this event. Caryn Feldman from TSS recommended two caterers to be followed up. Need to reserve date at TSS with a donation. Jerry will try to get new volunteers to expand member involvement. Passover meals offered will be at cost based on a survey of those who may be interested.

Website – Great appreciation was expressed to Eric for his efforts on the website and member emails. Membership lists update with help from Carol and Wendy, waived 2021 dues for members in good standing, new members still pay $18 dues, and reminders send to those that didn’t keep up their dues. Still learning Wild Apricot system and helped Glenna learn how to post minutes. We are under Wild Apricot but we should get our own domain. Also consider getting a credit card for online expenses. Only President and Treasurer will have access, plus credit card statement information to be included in treasurer’s reports.

Motion: We register our own domain with for $60.00 a year (Glenna/Michael) Passed

Motion: Obtain a credit card at bank (Jerry/Carol) Passed

General meeting/vlogs

Motion: Moved that officer vlog reports be posted instead of in-person general meeting. (Glenna/Jerry) Passed. Eric will help

Elections – Will use Wild Apricot or Monkey Survey to conduct online elections. There are programs that keeps the votes anonymous which will be checked out. The bylaws will be done first online before the election.

Bylaws – The committee met (Glenna, Lance Weinrib, Phil Aiello), and the Board reviewed a few changes. They will be sent out for voting online.

International Festival program – events based on food tasting and cultural information will be held for 2022

Face Shields – Robert Dettling donated about 15 which can be used for drive-thru events.

Membership – Carol reported 127 members, 2021 dues waived until December 31, gained 2 new members, worked with Wendy to update the list, has saved all membership forms going back to 2015, own brother donated to FSJD in honor of their mother which was a surprise.

Caring Committee – Joy is working with Mo Aiello and Su Robbins to define their duties which was posted on the website, developing resources list especially for Deaf-friendly places, there are 8 people at Brookdale who can be visited by appointment only, perhaps add birthday greetings by the month

FSJD Brochures – Both Martin and Glenna have boxes of them, only change is the Gala date, maybe do a sticker designed by Allan Fraenkel

Emergency Contact information - May be a good idea but how to implement the collection of information, should be optional, decide later when in-person meetings are possible again

Vision and Mission statements – Good with slight English tweaks needed

5th Gala – in Fall 2021 will begin to promote the March 6, 2022 event with further information


Email Motions Passed: December 2020

Motion 1: Approved Lance Weinrib and Phil Aiello for Bylaws committee

Motion 2: Approved expenditures for Hanukah goodies for 100 people for drive-thru distribution on December 16th

Motion 3: Approved $200 donation to TSS for their assistance on December 16th.

Adjourned 12:00 noon

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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