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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

Board Meeting November 23, 2020

Sorenson video group chat

All Board members present.

Called to order at 12:56 PM

Secretary - Past Board minutes of September 3, 2020 accepted. (Jerry/Carol)

Treasurer – Unaudited report – bank balance is $34,307.31. Donations in memory of Bob McMahon was $561.00

Chanukah proposal – Jerry suggested partnership with South Florida Deaf Seniors Association (SFDSA) for fundraising. There were cash donations at the first meeting. Perhaps focus only on doing vlogs and scripts each night by each Board member. Joy will contact Mo for planning. Also, could have posting of favorite holiday pictures as an activity or a contest

Zoom activities- Should we try hosting activities such as Trivia game? Wendy will contact another group to find out how they did it. Also, a few people do not have Internet access – need to send letters to include them.

Bylaws- All need to review the bylaws for compliance first, then for any needed revisions or updates. If needed the bylaws committee will be re-activated. Minutes are to be sent to Eric Beer, webmaster, for posting

Gala – New date is March 6, 2022. Need to follow up on hotel refund.

Miscellaneous – Board will do their call list again during Chanukah week. Membership list to be updated with Wendy and Carol having access to Wild Apricot membership page. Limit Board communications to e-mails, not texts so they can be saved for the record by the Secretary.

Adjourned 1:56 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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