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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

General Meeting

Temple Shaarei Shalom, 9085 Hagen Ranch Rd, Boynton Beach, FL

November 10, 2019

Board Members present: Martin Florsheim, President, June McMahon, Vice-President, Glenna Ashton, Secretary, Wendy Bachman, Treasurer, Jerry Cohen, Director, Michael Goldberg, Director, Carol Trachtenberg, Director

66 members present meeting the quorum

Martin called the meeting to order at 2:10 PM

Agenda approved

Bagel & Lox Chair – Barbara Morris – great appreciation for the hard work and donations of the committee members for this morning – noted that everything bagel flavor was popular

Secretary - January 27, 2019 minutes were sent out and revised in February. Approved

Treasurer – Income from various sources such as memberships, donations, activity fees, and Yizkor $11,859.73, fundraising for the 5th Gala $4425.00 – not including $2000 already sent as partial deposit, another $3000 will be sent next week as final deposit, Cooking Challenge $447.36 – total $16732.09 income Expenses for various things such as rental fees, supplies, government fees, and deposits  - total $13,176.53. Net Gain is $3555.56 and bank balance is $15,000.

President – Reminder that the first Bagel & Lox was at Mandel Jewish Community Center (JCC)

There are two Jewish Federations – one for Palm Beach and one for South Palm Beach - that we are working with to find ways to collaborate and get support for FSJD. Jewish Family Services will host a Resources Fair at Mandel JCC on January 12, 2020 to showcase the many services available to everyone with booths and interpreters. There will be a flyer about it.

We are exploring different web sites and systems such as Wild Apricot, can use Zelle to make direct payments, remember to use so that a tiny % will be donated to FSJD from purchases

There is a volunteer sheet for you to sign up for different committees and turn in.

The annual campaign drive letter will be going out soon – any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated. 50/50 raffle tickets on sale today and at future events which is another source of donations

5-card Dingo will be run by Cindi Jacobs – first game at PBCAD February 9th and second game at BCAD March 29th with a $15 participant fee

Martin is arranging for hands on CPR training with the local fire department

There is a calendar of events for 2020 on the web site. The next general meeting will be January 26, 2020. Teamwork among Board and committee members is important and makes a difference in all the activities.

Vice-President- Excited to see how much FSJD has grown in a few years and have been involved on several committees and meetings. Chaired Bagel & Lox 2018

Secretary- Board had four face to face meetings, 2019 activities were listed – almost monthly. Chaired Lunch and Learn and Ice Cream Social, both with workshops.

Chanukah Party Chair – Jerry Cohen – It will be December 22 at PBCAD (later changed to this temple) and will have homemade latkes, games, activities, raffles and menorah lighting (bring yours!)

5th Gala Cruise Chairs – Michael Goldberg and Glenna Ashton -need to continue fundraising to reach goal of $15,000., already earned $6000.Described the yacht features and answered questions so will do a FAQ later

Membership Chair – Carol Trachtenberg – currently 112 members, 2020 membership dues will be $18.00. Please do the membership paper form so have contact information (can do screenshot with Zelle payment).

No Old Business – new business deferred to January 26, 2020 meeting

Raffle drawings – note all prizes were donated back to FSJD!

Elections- Committee members were Cindi Jacobs, Monica Thornton, and Melinda Weinrib

2020-2022 Officers

President - Martin Florsheim by acclamation

Vice-President – Carol Trachtenberg

Secretary – Glenna Ashton by acclamation

Treasurer – Wendy Bachman by acclamation

Directors – Joy Antar, Jerry Cohen, Michael Goldberg

Oath was administered by Melinda Weinrib

Meeting adjourned 4:17 PM








Alpert Jewish Family Services

5841 Corporate Way, Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, 561-684-1991

Legacy Corps Volunteer and Enhanced Companions programs

Martin, Glenna, Joy, Jerry attended with two interpreters provided

January 15, 2020, we met with Debbie Koristz (Jewish Disabilities Network), Kathryn Kowalczyk (AmeriCorps) and Doni Greenblatt (Legacy Corps)

They explained the wide range of services they offer, some already mentioned at the Community Resource Day on Jan 12th. Today’s focus is on the volunteer companion program.

Legacy Corps Volunteers works with experienced adults who are retired that want to share their knowledge and skills to help seniors remain independent in their own homes.

Companion activities include transportation to shopping, appointments, social events, etc., giving respite for caregivers, and just socializing to maintain independence and reduce loneliness. No health care or personal care is allowed. This is similar to what some of you are already doing for friends.

Companion screening include background check, fingerprints, driver’s license, driving record, insurance, drug check, etc. Forty hours of training is required over several days which will be offered in September. Additional monthly two-hour meetings also required. 450 hours must be completed each year which includes client visits, meetings, and group activities. Client visits usually are one or two times a week for three or four hours each. A stipend is provided of $18.18 per hour plus client mileage which could average about $211 a month plus mileage. Educational vouchers are provided for free classes – they can be used by yourself or transferred to children or grandchildren.

Brookdale is not one of the places currently contracted but they will work on it since there are 11 Deaf people living there. Activities at Brookdale and at FSJD may be counted toward the hours. – it’s TBD.

Currently there are 75 volunteers and one claim to use ASL (WPB) under the area of Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County. Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County has their own program - Michael Goldberg and Heath Alter work for them.

Clients are referred and assessed with an office and home visit to check if they meet eligibility requirements including a certain level of independence. If any level of healthcare is needed, they are referred to other programs. The clients are re-assessed with a quick check every three months. There are fees for the assessment and program but are subsidies possible. All financials are done through direct billing.

FSJD would like to have a group of members willing to train as companions for those Deaf people needing visits and transportation.


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