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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

General Meeting

Temple Shaarei Shalom, 9085 Hagen Ranch Rd, Boynton Beach, FL

January 26, 2020

Board Members present: Martin Florsheim, President Carol Trachtenberg, Vice-President, Glenna Ashton, Secretary, Wendy Bachman, Treasurer, Jerry Cohen, Director, Michael Goldberg, Director, Joy Antar, Director

54 members present meeting the quorum

Martin called the meeting to order at 2:07 PM

Agenda approved

Minutes – November 10, 2019 minutes were read and approved (Lance Fischer, Tom Fields)

Officer Reports

President –  Reminder that FSJD is about Jewish values not religion, on January 15th met with Jewish Family Services and Jewish Disability Network about the companionship program, Jewish Federations realized they need to include and serve all people with disabilities, January 12th was the Resource Day at Mandel JCC where 33 people attended and got good information about the wide range of services offered, 371 days until the 5th Anniversary Gala Cruise!, January 27 is Holocaust Remembrance Day when the Russians liberated Auschwitz 75 years ago, the annual campaign letter has been sent out via email for donations from members and friends, 2020 will have more activities that are fun and educational, at end of meeting will have reflection groups to answer discussion questions about FSJD, an Editorial committee has been established to review and proofread all materials going out to members, PBCAD will be used for smaller group activities such as cooking classes or workshops, Temple Shaarei Shalom (TSS) will be used more since it has larger rooms and more parking

Vice-President- pleased to see increasing attendance at all activities, there are already 80 members paid for 2020, will continue to collect $18.00 dues for 2020

Secretary- There were two general meetings in 2019 – January 27 and November 10, there were four Board meetings, there were four yacht visits with different Board and committee members to visit the Grand Floridian and FAQ was created, served as chairperson for the Jewish genealogy workshop February 17 and ice cream social August 25, and went with Martin Florsheim for meetings with other Jewish organizations, report on the companionship program is attached at end of these minutes

Treasurer – At start of 2019 the bank balance was $9666.53, total income was $21,504.11, total expenses was $15153.67, net gain was $6350.44, and final bank balance is now $16,016.97. Gala fund was $9920.00 so need $6,000.00 more. Brian Saperstein donated $50.00 check.

Committee Reports – need to expand volunteers to help at more events, please let Martin Florsheim know how you can help

Bagel & Lox – Barbara Morris – had great attendance of 61 people with many volunteers helping at Temple Shaarei Shalom (TSS) for the first time, the next one will be an early dinner instead of brunch

Chanukah Party Chair – Jerry Cohen – broke record attendance with 95 paid, had 14 volunteers helping, $2400 earned, after expenses $1377 profit, next year may need a bigger room and will add an extra hour for games, not sure if will cook latkes again, next one will be December 13 at TSS. TSS only allows warm up of food. If can’t afford activity fees, talk to Martin Florsheim privately.

5-card Dingo – Cindi Jacobs – will be February 9, 2-5 PM at TSS, $15 fee but will have cash prizes, deadline is February 2, at door is $20.

5th Gala Cruise Chairs – See attached FAQ at end of these minutes, more fundraising must be continued in 2020

Purim – Myrna Aiello - will have a physical comedy performer from Spain, Javi (fee is $500), on March 8, hopefully in Wellington, March 6 at PBCAD will do cooking class for hammentaschen cookies and kreplach to bring on March 8

Inclusion Sabbath service at TSS, will have an interpreter and refreshments (date?)

Passover – April 9 at Westchester Country Club (WCC)

High Holy Days Services – Deborah Blumenson– Sept 19 Rosh Hashanah and September 28 Yom Kippur both at WCC, want feedback on the services to improve for 2020

Miami Jewish Museum – Joy Antar – February 23 walking tour for 2 hours 1:30 – 3:30 with interpreter, $15 fee, limited parking so carpool, will check if Metro stop close by

Israel Independence Day Picnic – Joy Antar – April 29, 11 AM – 2 PM, at Burt Aaronson South Regional Park in Boca Raton west of 441, have a large pavilion with bathrooms nearby

Website – Allan Fraenkel – new web site is Wild Apricot and different pages were shown, will connect it to Facebook group page, web address is , Zelle email for free online payments through your bank is

New Business – Motion #1 Myrna Aiello moved that a Caring Committee be set up for coordinated visits to members at hospital, rehab, home or other similar situations (Michael) Passed. Su Robbins will be chairperson

Small Group Reflections – four questions were asked – 1) Were you satisfied with the activities during 2019? 2)Do you like the idea of having FSJD monthly activities? 3) What improvements would you suggest? 4) What activities should FSJD sponsor in the future?

Wendy’ Bachman’s group – satisfied with 2019 and 2020 monthly activities, need to have flyers printed for those without computers, PowerPoint font needs to be larger, e-blasts are good and appreciated, future activities suggested are learning Hebrew language, Jewish folk dancing, doing the Kaddish prayer at beginning of activities and meetings, sponsoring Norton Museum  and other art museums visits, and visiting Hard Rock  hotels

Joy Antar’s group – satisfied with 2019 and 2020 monthly activities but should have more volunteers helping, High Holy Days services – make some changes such as new faces and locations, Heath Alter is friends with Siggi from the Housewives of New Jersey TV reality show so perhaps there’s a way for her to help FSJD, invite a Deaf rabbi for a weekend retreat

Michael Goldberg’s group – satisfied with 2019 and 2020 monthly activities but want to add more such as miniature golf outings, Jewish subtitled movies, and Tai Chi exercise classes, try to avoid scheduling conflicts with PBCAD maybe use it during the week

Jerry Cohen’s group – satisfied with 2019 and 220 monthly activities but want to add more, High Holy Days services to bring in outside leaders, sponsor a tour group to Israel or other places, more partnerships with other Jewish organizations in collaborations and activities, hold a workshop on where to buy best kosher/Jewish food (i.e. expensive smoked lox at Fresh Market), check out FAU Osher learning institute for access to programs, find Jewish Film Festival subtitled movies, offer Jewish  genealogy workshop, plus very happy with current Board

Meeting adjourned 4:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Glenna Ashton

Alpert Jewish Family Services

5841 Corporate Way, Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, 561-684-1991

Legacy Corps Volunteer and Enhanced Companions programs

Martin, Glenna, Joy, Jerry attended with two interpreters provided

January 15, 2020, we met with Debbie Koristz (Jewish Disabilities Network), Kathryn Kowalczyk (AmeriCorps) and Doni Greenblatt (Legacy Corps)

They explained the wide range of services they offer, some already mentioned at the Community Resource Day on Jan 12th. Today’s focus is on the volunteer companion program.

Legacy Corps Volunteers works with experienced adults who are retired that want to share their knowledge and skills to help seniors remain independent in their own homes.

Companion activities include transportation to shopping, appointments, social events, etc., giving respite for caregivers, and just socializing to maintain independence and reduce loneliness. No health care or personal care is allowed. This is similar to what some of you are already doing for friends.

Companion screening include background check, fingerprints, driver’s license, driving record, insurance, drug check, etc. Forty hours of training is required over several days which will be offered in September. Additional monthly two-hour meetings also required. 450 hours must be completed each year which includes client visits, meetings, and group activities. Client visits usually are one or two times a week for three or four hours each. A stipend is provided of $18.18 per hour plus client mileage which could average about $211 a month plus mileage. Educational vouchers are provided for free classes – they can be used by yourself or transferred to children or grandchildren.

Brookdale is not one of the places currently contracted but they will work on it since there are 11 Deaf people living there. Activities at Brookdale and at FSJD may be counted toward the hours. – it’s TBD.

Currently there are 75 volunteers and one claim to use ASL (WPB) under the area of Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County. Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County has their own program - Michael Goldberg and Heath Alter work for them.

Clients are referred and assessed with an office and home visit to check if they meet eligibility requirements including a certain level of independence. If any level of healthcare is needed, they are referred to other programs. The clients are re-assessed with a quick check every three months. There are fees for the assessment and program but are subsidies possible. All financials are done through direct billing.

FSJD would like to have a group of members willing to train as companions for those Deaf people needing visits and transportation.

5th Anniversary Gala FAQ

  1. When is it?

January 31, 2021 Sunday

  1. What is it?

Charter One yacht (Grand Floridian) cruising on the Intracoastal Waterway for four hours

  1. When is boarding time?

Preboarding begins at 10:00 AM, sails at 10:30 AM, and disembarking begins at 2:45 PM

  1. Where is it?

Diplomat Landings, 3460 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019

  1. How much is it?

$75 for FSJD members and $95 for nonmembers payable by December 31, 2020 - absolute deadline! No refunds except for extreme reasons (hospitalization, etc.) If any seats are still open, then tickets will be sold for $100 January 1 – 15, 2021 for all.

  1. How many people can go on the yacht?

At least 75 minimum but no more than 200 maximum

  1. What is the dress code?

 “Florida Formal” – basically nice dressing for similar special occasion – no jeans, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, etc. It is suggested that men wear a button-down or polo shirt, khakis or dress pants, but a sports coat is optional depending on the weather. It is suggested that women wear a dress, skirt and blouse, or nice slacks and blouse.

  1. What about parking?

Park in the Diplomat garage next door for a reduced fee – thus carpooling recommended

  1. What about mobility access?

There is an elevator and staff will assist

  1. What about the food?

It will be brunch buffet style in the enclosed dining area

  1. What about drinks?

Certain drinks are included and there will be free bars also

  1. What does it look like?

       It has four levels - entry/registration area, dining level, cocktail level, and top outside level. There are three sets of bathrooms on three different levels.

  1. What is there to do on the yacht?

Look at the wonderful views as we glide by nature, mansions, cities, etc.! There will be some incidental entertainment and nice souvenirs

  1. What about table arrangements?

You will check in on the first deck and get a name card to reserve your seat in the dining area, then go up to third and fourth level to enjoy appetizers and drinks and viewing.

  1. Will there be a narrator/tour guide?

No, however any staff member will be glad to explain what you are seeing. There will be ASL interpreters available. Also, interpreters for the Deaf-Blind will be provided upon request.

  1. Will there be sponsorships?

Sponsorships are available upon request. There will be very limited number (six) of sponsor tables on the first level only. Closed-loop television advertisements is available.

  1. What about a charter bus?

This is being researched to see if a bus from Boynton Beach to the dock is possible at an additional price.

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