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April 10, 2020

President’s Message: By Martin Florsheim

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones doing well during this unsure and trying time.

As we go through this experience we do not know how the effects of COVID-19 will be felt in the long run.  Many of us are asking ourselves: how will the current situation impact us in the near future?

However, one thing is certain; Florida Society of Jewish Deaf inc. is and will be here.  We are thinking of you all.  We want to continue to communicate with you. Luckily, we have advanced technology such as e-Blast, Website ( , Video Phone, FaceTime, What’s App, and many others. Staying connected is essential to our mental health. It is our belief that there are ways to stay social while social distancing. Everyone is responsible for doing their part by staying at home for the time being to stop/reduce the spread of the coronavirus. It is important for us to be patient and cooperate with the mandates imposed by the State of Florida.

It's interesting how history repeats itself with a new lesson for every generation. We should look back at our history and take note of how people used their faith, hope and perseverance to help them strive. These times in history include the Inquisition of 1492, Pogroms, World War I, Spanish Flu of 1918, The Great Depression of 1929, World War II, and the Holocaust. We are all in this together!

Rifka and I have had a lot of time to reflect. Our grandchildren were supposed to be spending the week with us for Pesach but of course this was cancelled. Despite our disappointment, we now realize we have been given the gift of time. For the past three weeks, we have focused on ourselves, working together around the house and  completed projects such as our family tree, playing games and organizing. Staying in contact with our children and friends is actually easier than usual because everyone is homebound. It is our hope that this short message helps you find your silver lining in all of this and appreciate your gift of time.

We hopefully will recover our time for social gatherings in the fall or before once the crisis passes.

Wishing you a Zissen (sweet) and Healthy Passover

Be Smart.  Be Healthy. Be Safe.

Some important information and Announcements:

If you know about someone who is ill, has operation, or passes away, please let Susan Robbins know. She is responsible for the Caring Committee.  She can be reached at email address: or VP: 561-503-2858.

It is my pleasure to announce that Myrna “Mo”Aiello is the chairperson of the Hanukkah Party this coming December.  I believe she will do a great job. If you are interested in serving on her committee, please let her know.

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