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Media AlbumS 

Photos are grouped into individual photo albums of each event and YouTube videos are in the link of the events that took place.   Photo credits are at end of YouTube videos and are not shown in Photo Albums.

Click on the event below to view YouTube or Photo Album.

President's Vlogs

2016 Officers and Calendar of Events

Early Years 2015 - 2018 of Florida Society of Jewish Deaf (YouTube)     Photo album


Hanukkah Party at PBCAD on December 18, 2016 (YouTube)     Photo album


Shabbat Dinner on March 22, 2018
Jewish Deaf Storyteller
by Simon J. Carmel (YouTube)
    Photo Album

Yom Kippur on September 10, 2018 (YouTube)      Photo Album


Lunch and Learn at PBCAD on February 17, 2019
Amazing Journey: Discovering Family Ancestry by Karyn Rosner (YouTube)
      Photo Album

Babka Cooking Class at PBCAD on September 15, 2019  (YouTube)      Photo Album

Sukkot Shabbat Dinner on October 18, 2019  (YouTube)     Photo Album

Hanukkah Party at Temple Shaarei Shalom on December 22, 2019  (YouTube)    Photo Album


Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami Beach on February 23, 2020  (YouTube)     Photo Album

Purim Luncheon and Physical Comedy Show on March 8, 2020   (YouTube)     Photo Album

Purim Cooking Class at PBCAD on March 18, 2020   (YouTube)     Photo Album


Passover Drive Through on March 26, 2021  (YouTube)     Photo Album

Ice Cream/Dingo Social Event on October 17, 2021 (YouTube)   Photo Album

Hanukkah Party on December 5, 2021   (YouTube)     Photo Album



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Fundraiser for FSJD Anniversary Gala Brunch Cruise on February 6, 2022     (YouTube)     Photo Album

Anniversary Gala Brunch Cruise on South Beach Lady Yacht on March 6, 2022      (YouTube)     Photo Album    Fun Selfies Photo Booth Album

Community Seder Dinner at the Westchester Country Club on April 16, 2022   (YouTube)     Photo Album

Yom Ha’Shoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel Independence Day on May 1, 2022   (YouTube)     Photo Album

Sabbath Dinner at the Westchester Country Club on May 20, 2022    (YouTube)     Photo Album

Zingo at the Temple Shaarei Shalom on June 12, 2022    (YouTube)     Photo Album

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