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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

Board Meeting September 3, 2020

Sorenson video group chat

All Board members present.

Called to order at 1:06 PM

Secretary - Past Board minutes of March 30, 2020 accepted.

Treasurer – Unaudited report – bank balance is $32,899,64

Income March 30 – Sept 3 (all donations)

Memory – 2772.00

Anniversary – 117.00

Birthdays – 25.00

Speedy Recovery – 43.00

Yizkor – 220.00

Total deposited – 3177.00

High Holy Days – WSJD sent out links for their services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, one must register to participate, a vlog will be added for FSJD Yizkor with Michael Goldberg’s prayer recitation followed by a Power Point of names. Perhaps send out links to YouTube videos that show how to download and use Zoom.

Fall Events- Since Temple Shaarei Shalom cancelled their events and remains closed a motion was made

Motion #1 – FSJD to cancel October and December events at Temple Shaarei Shalom and request full refund.  (Glenna/Jerry) PASSED

Masks – Jerry described the expensive clear masks purchased from RIT which could be a future option for FSJD

Gala- The yacht, bus, and hotel companies were contacted, and all are willing to be flexible on the actual date of event. Due to ongoing uncertainties a motion was made

MOTION #2 – The Gala event planned for January 31, 2021 be postponed to spring 2021 or January 2022 (Wendy/Carol) PASSED

Membership Dues – Noticed some organizations waived or postponed dues for 2020.

MOTION #3 Current members as of 2020 will have their 2021 dues waived. New members joining for 2021 still must pay $18.00. (Glenna/Michael) PASSED

However, donations can still be made for a variety of reasons. Martin will make a vlog announcing waived 2021 dues and encouraging  donations.

Caring Heart Community – Su Robbins created a description of this new committee which will be chaired by both Mo Aiello and Su Robbins. Joy edited the document and the Board approved it.  Discussion followed about developing a resource list for funerals. Discussion of interpreting for funeral services followed. Joy will follow up with Su and Mo.

Allan H. Karp – His wife, Linda, gave several items to Jerry to donate to FSJD. Possible to donate them to other places instead. (NB: follow up- it was discovered that Karp’s family members want them)

Website – Eric Beer, our new webmaster, is learning the Wild Apricot system so the website is a work in progress with making changes and moving things. A mission statement should be posted, perhaps add a short biography with each Board member picture. He will work with others on the Yizkor email blast for September 29th. Great appreciation was expressed to Eric for taking on this position.

Member Contacts – Each Board member will contact a set of members using a simple script of a few questions to see how they are doing and to discuss the upcoming High Holy Services

Action Plan – Joy wrote a draft for advocacy with the county Jewish organizations. Two issues are that there is high turnover in the offices and consistent follow ups must done.

Memorial Service – Sunday September 6 a memorial service for Allan H. Karp is co-hosted by PBCAD and FSJD on Zoom and links were sent out.

PBC ADA directory – need to contact Debbie Majors of Boynton Beach to add Deaf organizations since only CILO was listed.

Adjourned 2:49 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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