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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

Board Meeting July 2, 2020

Sorenson video group chat

All Board members present.

Called to order at 1:06 PM

Secretary - Past Board minutes of March 30, 2020 accepted.

Treasurer – Unaudited report – bank balance is $31,154.09, donations $1561.00 - unaudited

Online meetings - Sorenson better than Zoom according to Jerry, Google met includes auto-captions, Jerry has licenses for Zoom and Google Meet for large groups which is expensive

5th Gala – Glenna emailed office – still doable with people and tables spread out, can postpone to later date, or use a smaller yacht up to 50 people – they are flexible. Also need to do cancellations or postponement for bus and hotel reservations.

JCC and Federation access issues – Joy has been contacting people with spotty responses – need to develop an action plan of contacts, press releases, meetings, etc. for all these major organizations. There is a big picture issue of business and nonprofit funding problems. Jerry brought up Goodwill with their closure of stores, and DHH program – what happens to DHH funding?

High Holy Services – not good idea to do it at WCC- maybe do meal orders at home? Could try doing virtual instead or could partner with other Deaf Jewish organizations already doing it

MOTION #1 Move to cancel WCC contracts (Wendy/Carol) (NB – all refunds were returned)

Yizkor – still do it online at same price $10 per line and will post on web site

Membership dues for 2021 – Should we lower fee to $10 for current members? Consider it for vote at Fall Board meeting

Webmaster – need to a find a person with more recent skills (NB Eric Beer has agreed to do it)

Florida Sales Tax exemption was renewed for another five years, also did filing with IRS – all done by Martin

COVID-19 programming – try offering online classes such as cooking, genealogy, etc., already have other resources for religious related events, may need liability release form for participants for certain classes, could hire Deaf experts with foundation money, Jerry willing to plan a series

Should we purchase or borrow virtual meeting package including webinar format? Should we do prepared videos on eblast? Or do partnerships? Martin will investigate the options

JCC virtual programming – need to continue contacts and discussions to develop policies and funding for communication access – Martin & Joy will develop an action plan

JDC letter requesting pictures – due to their situation and lack of control the answer is No.

Next Board meeting will be August or September after all have done assignments/gathering information, etc.

Adjourned 2:55 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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