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Florida Society of Jewish Deaf

Board Meeting March 30, 2020

Sorenson video group chat

All Board members present.

Called to order at 10:05 AM

Secretary - Past Board minutes of December 1, 2019 accepted. (Joy/Wendy)

Treasurer – Unaudited report – bank balance is $29,854.75. Gala fundraised amount is $12,831.00. Levine Foundation $10,000.00 donation will stay in bank account for now.  Joy suggested developing a form for reporting event in/out funds.

President - Levine Foundation is for continuing support of programs – agreed to limit them to educational and cultural programs, will not include Gala related activities. A MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) should be written to clarify activities that the funds will support. Monies should be for unusual expenses such as invited speakers, rabbi, etc., not for regular activities covered by fees and other donations. Chavi performances at schools was covered for $1,000 so that leaves $9,000. The postponed Holocaust panel would be another activity to be covered.

Vice President - Carol reported there are 122 current members. She will develop an inventory list of items stored in the PBCAD cabinet.

Group reflections from the January general meeting were reviewed. Members need to be reminded that this organization is based on Jewish identity not religious practices. Joy mentioned an Israeli folk dancing group lessons in Delray Beach on Mondays which is a possibility. The very few known Deaf rabbis were discussed as to availability and ways to use them. WCC will be kept as event location since we have a good relationship with them and it’s very hard to find other places that meets our needs. There are Jewish subtitled movies already available in the community and on streaming services – just need to share information about them. Joy can follow up on contacts with the film festivals and similar events. General day trips and tours suggested can be referred to the new organization, SFDSC. Can develop a list of great finds at Kosher/Jewish market with item, name, address, contact information to be posted on the website.

PBCAD –Motion - donation of $200 for the year 2020 for the storage space approved. (Wendy/Joy)

Hanukkah party – Jerry resigned, need a new chair (follow up – Mo Aiello has agreed to be chair)

Sukkot – could be at a park pavilion sometime in October 2- 10 and will be chaired by Joy.

General meeting – will be October 18 with an early bird dinner

Bylaws – clarification on the $500 limit – applies to general operations, not to event expenses since it should be covered by income

Jewish Federation of Palm Beach – need to find more and different ways to collaborate, first issue was interpreter access then program inclusion, but there is high turnover in the organization so have to do constant contact to move forward, we should show up at events regularly for recognition and connection perhaps with a liaison team

Sunshine/Caring committee – Chair and Board members encouraged to reach to check on people during this crisis (follow up – Susan Robbins is now chair)

Adjourned 12 noon

Respectfully submitted,

Glenna Ashton, Secretary

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